The Dellinger Lab applies engineering principles to solves important challenges in human health and medicine.

An amebocyte-like biomimetic platform for antimicrobial applications

The horseshoe crab has what can be considered a ‘primitive’ immune system responding to specific bacterial invaders by forming an immobilizing clot to prevent further infection. However, in reality this is a powerful and effective tool that keeps pathogens at bay. Therefore, we are working on harnessing this response to utilize it as an alternative to traditional antibiotics.

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering for bioimaging and bioanalysis

Our lab is interested in developing new surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoprobes for detection and localization of biomolecules in live cells. By harnessing this technology, we hope to improve our fundamental understanding of complex cellular processes at a single cell level.

Hybrid organic/inorganic composite nanomaterials

Hybrid nanomaterials are composed of discrete organic and inorganic components that unite properties from both elements with the aim of improving existing tools. Our aim is to develop “smart” hybrid nanomaterials that have new properties and novel capabilities the can exert anti-inflammatory effects and target numerous disease states.